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Path of Exile

What are Your Thoughts and Opinions on the 3 New Gems in PoE 3.2

What are your thoughts and opinions on the 3 new gems in 3.2, namely Summon Phantasm on Kill, Spectral Shield Throw and Tectonic Slam? Have you tried using them and are you stil using these gems? How effective they are in clearing mobs and fighting bosses? Did you have fun using these gems?

new gems

Can’t speak for Summon Phantasm because I haven’t used it but SST for me felt mechanically sub par so I decided it wasn’t worth the time to progress with it.

Tectonic slam I have used Quite a bit and while I like it and it makes for a better boss killer than a lot of other melee skills it has a few problems which in the end make it less appealing to use.

Comparing it to sunder the positives are:

  • Faster animation
  • Faster attack speed
  • Wider AoE
  • Fire conversion (easier to build for the ele meta)
  • Potential as a single use clearing/boss skill

Negatives are:

Mana cost is a bit too high. Needs to be 8 not 10.

The endurance charge gimmick is probably best ignored or thought of as an added bonus, but I’d rather have max endurance charges than a bit more damage. I think they should get rid of the charge consumption and make it so you get more damage and fissures per endurance charge (like 3% more per).

Less range than sunder and using concentrated effect compounds this. This is fine but when sunder does almost the same basic but CAN use conc effect without penalty that little point becomes a factor in whether or not you use the skill. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe currency trade with instant delivery.

Path of Exile

PoE: The Fallen Angel Wings And Super Stash Sale

This weekend In Path of Exile, GGG are holding a Super Stash Sale where they’re discounting all Stash Tabs. Everything has been discounted, including the new Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs.

And they have just introduced the Fallen Angel Wings that will perfectly complete the recently released Fallen Angel Armour Set. You can visit the following video. Bear in mind that the sale runs all weekend and ends at Apr 30, 2018. There are some poe items for trade on U4GM.

The set definitely looks better with the wings than without, but the fact that both the armor and wings have spikes on the sides is a little overboard.

This set in particular makes me wish there were price tiers for armor sets because if you had to choose between fallen angel and anything else you would be hard pressed to pick it at the same price.

Lately I buy all the league and 4th tier expansion supporter packs and it’s still not nearly enough points to keep up with the juicy stuff I’d like to get. Don’t even get me started on the gambling boxed, but that’s on me of course.

Anyway, I believe the pricing for cosmetics is way out of whack, from a consumers point of view. It’s like everything is priced at a premium and there’s no middle and no bottom tier bar some exceptions you can count on one hand.

I’d really like to see some change in that department. A collection of reasonably priced stuff throughout all categories without any bling, then pricing like we have now for mega bling and something in between. Just makes much more sense in my opinion.

A Casual’s 100 Whakawairua Journey – With Results – PoE

So I’m a casual that wanted to attempt a 100 map challenge, but with a few rules:

No racing – Even though i wanted to be efficient, i wanted to play like a human being, especially if it will be for multiple hours. Track all time – I wanted to track as much time spent running the map including administration. Do you want to poe orbs buy? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

path of exile

So this is what I did. I ran a timer on my phone the moment i started the first map. All actions that require me to either run the map, or prepare for the next map were included. This means all vendor time, all identifying time and all stashing time. The total time does not include the time it took me to get all 100 maps, or the time spent organizing my stash. Whenever a trade came through or i was needed for something, i paused the timer before leaving the map, and restarted it after i came back through the portal.

Why that wakawallaballaa map?
This map seems to scale really well with the beast league. Wearing no iiq gear other than 2x Lori’s lantern, common beast-capture lootsplotions tend to look like THIS, occasionally it looks like THIS or THIS. Plus, its a really cheap map at 1 chaos each.

Additionally, the map has a native spawn of sea witches, and you regularly get all the beasts needed for the orb of horizons beastcrafting recipe. Why is your time so slow. Are you the slowest no-arm casual to ever log into POE? I can understand that my total time of 7 hours and 33 minutes for 100 maps might seem excessive, but let me explain :

Many people like to time themselves running a map 3-4 times, and then boast about being able to run it in 90 seconds or whatever. These numbers exclude real life situations and everything else in and around poe that eats up time. This includes :

  • My 250 ms ping
  • Loading screens
  • Accidental beast kills(which need to be necro-netted)
  • Good rng maps where i have to visit town due to full inventory
  • Quick breaks(and forgetting to turn off the timer for the odd 20-30 seconds here and there)
  • Distractions from people/friends
  • Laziness
  • Additional spawns like breach or abyss
  • Many more

My time should be consistent for a normal person who cant sustain 90 second maps 100 times in a row perfectly every time.

My average map time over 100 maps was 4 minutes 33 seconds.

Where’s the data!?
Here is my spreadsheet. I added a 2nd tab with some notes i had during the running process if anyone is interested.

Making PoE Feel Smooth and Upping the Mechanical Skill Ceiling

Everything in the game is determined by your stats, and your goal in this game is to make those stats as high as you can get them. Dodging and avoiding aren’t very skill based/reaction time based, instead they are based on attack speed/cast speed and movement speed. Most people have decent enough reaction times to click their movement skill in time. However whether you take damage or not is fully determined by how high your attack speed and/or movement speed are.¬†Do you want to poe orbs buy? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

poe guides

As a result of this, the quality of your items are all that matters in this game, which makes good items more expensive and more chase.

And this is exactly what GGG wants. This game is locked behind items by design. Items are the single big carrot-on-a-stick of this game.

“Dodging” does exist, although it’s more of a precautions avoidance. You basically have to learn every single boss and memorize their attack patterns. Once you’ve done a boss 20 times you will know when to back off and when to attack. As a result, the end game bosses are made very inaccessible to the majority of players because they come with a very significant cost towards even trying them. Most players do not posses the wealth to buy the shaper sets required to learn how the fight works.
Again, this is fully intended. This is how they try to keep end-game exclusive.

In a hypothetical where they would make these changes, the game would feel infinitely less clunky and frustrating to play, which is good.
However, as a result dodging also becomes much easier, which places more emphasis on player skill and reaction times (again, good in my opinion), however it will decrease the player’s reliance on item power and thereby impact the economy.

It will also make boss fights much easier to complete in less tries, because dodging based on reaction time is actually a thing, making end game more accessible and their respective items less valuable.

In my personal opinion, I’d say that trade-off is well worth it. I’m actually getting pretty tired of the clunky combat system in this game and the artificial gating of everything. I would love my skill to be rewarded instead of my ability to purchase items from


Path Of Exile: Given Scion 6 New Minor Ascendancies

In Path of Exile, what would the possibilities for new Ascendancy classes be? I have tried my best to create iconic Ascendancy classes for all 6 non-Scion characters and also given Scion 6 new minor ascendancies based on these 6 new ones. Meanwhile, don’t forget enough¬†chaos orbs poe is important.

1. Witch Ascendancy: Prophet

Not many new mechanics are present. The only core-game rework is going to be for Innervate, as this is a new buff. Innervate instead now grants 30% increased Movement and Cast Speed.

Path of Exile

The focus is on lightning since there isn’t a single Ascendancy really focusing on it currently. It fits the Witch best as the Witch is the Intelligence class, which Lightning identifies with. The starting position also leads to an obvious Lightning build.

2. Ranger Ascendancy: Huntswoman

The new mechanic introduced here are Tamed Beasts. This is very similar to Raise Spectre, but completely bases itself off the idea of taming wild beasts to make them your companion. The Tamed Beast system relies on the Bestiary, which has 4 categories of Beasts: Beasts of the Wild, Sands, Caverns and Deep. You can right now catch Beasts of each category. However, you can with a new Skill Gem also tame them. Unlike Spectres, these Beasts have their own level and raising a Beast is a job in itself.

3. Duelist Ascendancy: Phantom

There are no new mechanics here, but the Phantom still brings some interesting things to the table. Notably, a somewhat weaker cold-RF and strong damage mitigation. It also opens the gates for a reflect build which may interest some. Last Stand is a new buff though, which simply reduces damage taken by 10% for a short time. So going ahead and reserving 90% of your Life may actually be a valid strategy if you can somehow make it work.

4. Marauder Ascendancy: Envoy

As one might notice reading through the Ascendancy, the Envoy is basically a guy running around with 4 Harbingers. He has every Harbinger type at his disposal and also received a new one unique to him. There is not much else to say other than strong effects all around. It is notable to point out that he is able to convert more spell damage into attack damage in addition to the Crown of Eyes effect. So expect an actual low life attack build to come out of it.

5. Shadow Ascendancy: Conjurer

A notable new mechanic are Reflections. They actually already exist in the game. Vaal Double Strike, the Reflection enchantments for gloves and Mirror + Blink Arrow all create Reflections of your character. These can be built around with the Conjurer, leading to a flexible choice of summoner+attack builds or pure summoner builds.

Reflections innately only receive your weapons, but the Conjurer can let all Reflections gain all armour you are currently wearing, opening up for on-death effects and other gimmicky stuff. They are basically Animate Guardians but with your stats.

6. Templar Ascendancy: Fallen

As one might notice, a focus is on a hybrid spell damage and attack speed build. Building your main hand is incredibly important, as it scaling your spell damage might turn out to be a challenge. Too much attack speed on your weapon and you might turn out to have lower DPS, but too low attack speed and you won’t be casting much. Body of Steel allows the player to heavily benefit off strong life regeneration, as it nearly doubles his effective life regen rate.


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PoE: Atziri’s Reflection As Worth 3 Mirrors In Bestiary

In Path of Exile, when GGG showed Atziri’s Mirror upgrade everyone was pretty excited and most were d’accord for it to be rare and expensive. But no one expected it to be the number one most expensive item in the game besides some standard 6 t1 mirrored legacy stuff.

Personally I think the rate of the Prophecy is beyond ridiculous if after 1 month of the league there are 4 prophecies available in total across every permanent / temp league and 1 shield. The shield therefore goes for ~300ex which is ~3 mirrors which seems apropriate if you consider this.

Path of Exile

One reason for its rarity might be that a large percentage of the player base just ignore prophecies though. I know I don’t do prophecies, as I think it’s by a large margin the worst part of PoE. I can’t even describe how shitty it feels going through old zones to proc prophecies.

Considering the prophecy itself requires you to kill Uber Atziri with the Mirror equipped, it may be gated behind behind a few other requirements that aren’t obvious. Not saying for sure, just a possibility. How much of the population has killed Uber Atziri even once? How much of that group also does prophecies every league?

Either way, I agree. It’s a huge letdown to see this really cool shield which only really has a use in a handful of builds be so rediculously rare. It’s one thing to make a new chase unique, but the power of the shield doesn’t warrant the rarity. Especially when you realize it has to contend with shaper stat sticks for that offhand spot, or lycosidae.

I feel like adjusting the rarity so it ends up being about 2x as rare as say, Voidforge or Atziri’s Disfavour, even a little more rare, is reasonable. What it’s at now, is absurd. It may as well not exist. Which seems a shame for the time they clearly must have spent designing, creating, testing, doing 3D art assets, etc.

It seems even worse considering their design, that they stated multiple times, is that rares should be better than uniques. The rares are better than uniques. The curse immunity is easy for most builds to get elsewhere with a flask that generates charges on crit with curse immunity.

So aside from freeing up one suffix, what warrants the 3 mirror price tag? You sacrifice a significant amount of block or spell block for some ES and 15-20% curse effect? How is that reasonable for the rarity?