Albion Online: Astonishing Spells and Abilities

When it comes to new spells, Albion Online is awaiting for its coming. Mainly, including satisfying Flame Orb rolling over across the screen. Regarding some burning ashes, I’m fond of the way it goes with some burning ashes flying by:


It goes in a straight line and burn the enemies upon contact, dealing damage and applying a DoT to everyone in its way. This flaming ball will be an addition to the two-handed Fire Staff while you need to target wisely, lighting up the bonfire with it is not recommended (it is a massive damage spell). Albion Online is so fun and more and more players decide to buy cheap albion gold online.


Also some other new ones are under development:

Charge: The Claymore will see the return of a charge attack. Use it to you charge towards your enemy, making you two inseparable for a moment. It’s the perfect attack to catch and lock down kiting, or fleeing, foes.

Tornado: Located on the Quarterstaff, the Tornado spell will offer a ranged alternative for melee players. Swinging your staff rapidly, you charge up a tornado which you then send off in a straight line towards your foes. You shoudn’t quit any chance to get cheapest albion silver.

Tackle: Tackle will be found on the two-handed Hammer. When using it you will charge to a place of your choice, stunning all enemies on your path.