Albion Online Update: The Final Beta Was Revealed

Today, the final beta MMORPG Albion Online was launched by the Sandbox Interactive, on top of that, during the 1, and all characters created, all are probably cleared for the occasion. Including everyone, they are all restarts at 0 of the New World, many new test now for the Legendary Pack are also included.


A reputation system on? Royales to reward players with good behavior and instead declaring off-the-law all PK players. A panel completely redesigned destiny. And many other new developments that await you. For those who have a pack Epic (access 2 august to 14h) and Veteran (access 3 august to 14h), it is not too late to upgrade to Legendary. You can experience Albion Online via buy albion gold.

A whole New World including? The Royal and Distant Lands.The addition of themed zones (biomes) with steppes, swamps and mountains all with specific creatures. New equipment and adding artifacts that, in addition to having a single skin, have overpowered spells.the Guild Guild versus mode improved on both interfaces on the operation of declarations of war. Now that you have a wisely option of getting cheap albion online silver.