Blade & Soul: Details about Silverfrost Hongmoon Store Update

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion brings a number of new consumables and resources to help you throughout your adventures to level 50 and beyond. And the New consumables and resources will help you on your journey. If you need blade & soul gold, just click.


These new clan crafting designs will help you and your clan members stand out when you craft your unique clan outfits.

Mirage Crystal
Dye Wax
Pattern Wax
Air Assassin Design
Monocle Recipe
Air Assassin Bandana Recipe
Raincoat Design
Dokkaebi Half Mask Design
Raincoat Headgear Design
Black Red Official Uniform Design
Thornclaw Eye Adornment Design
Butterfly Ornament Design
Elite Guard Headgear Design
Dokkaebi Dance Recipe
Cinderlands Dancer’s Recipe
Operative Hat Recipe
Clan Design Expansion


Hongmoon Level Hot Dragon Soup


Siren Emblem
Pirate Emblem
Moonwater Tear


Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key

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