Blade & Soul: Summoner Guide

Often players think that summoner is an auxiliary profession,I’m not agree with this.From my personal feeling for playing summoner, I think the blade and soul summoner is an almighty profession.Let me tell you my reasons.

1, Rosethorn can do group attack to 5 enemies which makes enemy reduce 10% defensive power and reduce 50% at most. Accordingly, to reduce enemy’s defensive power that equal to increase your attack power, so I think you guys agree this, right? In this case, do you still think summoner’s attack power is low, from the surface to see, as the enemy’s defensive power is reduced and virtually equals to increase yourself and teammate’s attack power.

2, The seed shroud can protect teammates within 2 sec, the teammates or yourself will hide for 6 sec when suffer attack and meanwhile the invisible movement speed can be improved 50%, which can resist general injury. Even though the BOSS releases the full screen skill, it also can resist 50% injury. The limiting time of using this skill is 8 sec and the effective scope is 30m bases on the center of yourself, so what is the conception about this? Please see the introduction below.By a way, if you want to buy blade & soul gold to improve yourself,our site is your best choice.

This skill not only can protect teammates but also can recover internal force, also the usage scope is very wide which benefits other people as well as yourself.
This kind of skill belongs to top skill, there are several points below:
(1) Protect yourself, your teammates and recover internal force, hiding and improve movement speed.
(2) Flying nettles will be activated and make sustainable injury for 10 sec, which ties up the enemy and make the enemy stop moving (only cannot move, but can use attack skills), the enemy’s HP will lost little by little.
(3) Reset the growing skill
Growing very fast with strong attack force, which can tie up the enemy and make the enemy stop moving. It can be activated constantly through seed shroud skill (seed shroud grows very fast and no need to wait after activating).

3. Let’s talk about Rosethorn
In most case three times’ attack includes two times’ critical strike, so the critical strike rate of the Rosethorn is very high. Then you can use Rumblebees skill after critical strike.

4, Summon your cat
Reduce 90% injury and sneer the surrounding enemies (the enemies will attack cat instead of attacking other players), even though suffers attack, the cat still can recover life, which is amazing power to be used.

5, Green Bristlegrass
This skill is used for summoning your cat that dropping from the sky and the cat sits on the enemy until it falls down.

6, Pollen and pollen burning
The pollen can avoid attack from long distance, burning the pollen can attack enemies by group which has been approved to be a strong and common skill.

7,Doom ‘n’ Bloom
It is used for internal force recovery and meanwhile you can move and also use other skills. That is to say this skill is used for supplementing internal force and also adding HP for the cat, which makes sure survivability of the cat.

Attack mode 1: Fast growing +pollen+ Doom ‘n’ Bloom +pollen burning+rumblebees+ seed shroud+ flying nettles+backward roll+thorns+ free combination, it is a horrible group attack mode.

Attack mode 2: Cat dashes up+ seed shroud+ Q+ fast growing+ pollen + Doom ‘n’ Bloom + rumblebees+ pollen burning+ seed shroud+ Q+ circulation, it is a high security attack mode which uses cat to attract monster all the way.

To use rosethorn skill all the time and reduce the defensive power of the enemy.
That’s all for the introduction of summoner skills, only for your reference.

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