Defensive tips for FIFA 15


FIFA 15 is a video game, which is the edition of the Electronic Arts series of FIFA video games. The series is about to be launched on September 26,2014 in UK and September 23, 2014 in US receptively. Order making for the FIFA 15 coins is started and it is expected to get much more popularity than the FIFA 13 and 14 coins.

Defense is an important aspect to coming out on top of any match. In FIFA 15, you might confuse the defense with American Football. You really get a good idea how physical soccer can be. Here are two defensive tips to live by: leave your defensive line alone, and tackle.

First is your defending four. Most formations (not all) have a backline of four defenders. Sometimes it’s easy to select one of the defenders and start running up the field, chasing an opponent or if your player has the ball, playing offense. This works once you get a better handle on things. We suggest avoiding this initially. Pulling defenders up the pitch too far will leave your defense with holes an opponent will take advantage of.

When it comes to taking the ball from an opponent, that’s where Tackling comes into play. There are two types of tackles you can utilize, a Standing Tackle and a Slide Tackle. Both are very effective, but come with a bit of a risk. To improve your chance of a successful standing tackle, press B/Circle while trying to steal. With Slide Tackle, you’ll need to put your big boy pants on. When approaching an opponent with the ball, hit X/Square and take to the ground, slide and kick the ball away. This is a good defensive move because it gets you out of tight spots. Keep in mind this is the best way to get red carded and tossed from the game if you approach from a bad angle.

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