FIFA 16 Matches Point: First Impressions and Tricks

Hey y’all, it’s been awhile. However with FIFA 16 on it’s way I decided to give you a launching point on some things you want to be thinking while you play your first online matches of FIFA 16. I went 14-3-6 with 3 DC’s (that 14-3-3 would be so much prettier…) and here are some of my general thinking points through my first twenty full matches. Also a note, I just sold my Serie A team to buy James Rodriguez. Please don’t think I’m just selling my players off to y’all.

For the love of god clear the ball…: This is one I personally need to learn too. We all are pretty confident with our passing ability. With all the years we could shape the ball from one defender to another around strikers, we figure it’s more of the same. Not so. It’s really, really hard to get the ball out of your half sometimes. Further more, you — like I — will concede a lot of unneeded goals if you don’t dump it. Lose the battle, win the war. It takes a big man to swallow his pride and clear it, but you’ll be rewarded.

Take a touch, take another touch: Passing is tough, and further more the ball will only keep moving faster and faster if you keep pinging passes back and forth. Be a little patient, touch the ball before firing. Just slowing down the ball speed will go a long way.

Respect every touch: Similarly think about every single touch of the ball. Use LT, LB, LT+RT, skills, and ball pushes to your disposal. They all help, trust me. Many have issues turning, LT can help you a bit there. LB takes a bit of time to getting used to, but it’s great for waiting and extra second before sending a guy through on goal with a Y pass. Skills aren’t combo-able like last year, but if you’ve got one guy between where you are and where you want to be they’re deadly. Think about how you want to touch the ball, think about the player you are on the ball. 1-on-1 tackling is quite hard this year for your opponent if you aren’t just hammering that RT, I’ve seen Cuadrado and Balotelli both dribble through multiple men without skills by just touching the ball the right way. Get comfortable with the touch, use that touch.

Crossing is… powered: Many like I didn’t cross in FIFA 14 because it was boring and OP, many didn’t cross in FIFA 15 because it was not powerful at all. FIFA 16, so far, feels like the perfect balance. If you have a lot of room to cross and a guy is making a free run, throw it in. Don’t force it, play for better looks, but sometimes that Khedira header is going to be the difference. Don’t be afraid to cross.

Strength in numbers: Like in FIFA 15, there’s strength in numbers on defense. It seems easy to tackle when there’s three people around the ball, but when the numbers get low it’s very, very hard in my opinion. I’ve seen many failed tackles on both sides of the ball. There’s more penalization too for bringing your CDM out of position as your fullbacks push up more now than ever. Don’t be hasty on defense. A little pressure is nice, too much and you’re flying close to the sun my friends.

High pressure is still pretty OP: We’re all not comfortable at this stage in passing out of the back. High pressure in turn scores a lot of goals. While you shouldn’t press with Sergio Busquets, pressing with your wingers in a 4-3-3 can create you easy chances in goal. Take advantage of that un-comfortableness we all have in the passing game right now.


Squad building tips:
I’ll play around with formations more as I only used a Serie A 4-3-3 (2) that, while successful, made me feel like there were better formations (more midfielders the better IMO but we’ll find out).

Fullback workrates: Again like I said earlier, your fullbacks that are H/M will push up this year. A lot. I am usually a “W/R’s are overrated” guy, but this is one case where I think there’s a huge exception. You can find one fullback in the penalty area and another in the crossing area when your opponent is counter attacking and it’s not fun. Pick a H/M and a M/H, M/M, H/H fullback (preferably the H/M down the same side as your favorite winger) and balance the squad. Dani Alves was far and away the best fullback at the turn of the decade, but he owes a lot to Eric Abidal. Remember that.

Balanced strikers: I picked two strikers (Jovetic and Balotelli) very early that I thought I could learn the game with. And they ended up being great for me. Jovetic had 14 goals in 12 matches, Balotelli had EIGHTEEN in EIGHT. And in the end, I felt I made great choices. Good in the air, fast enough, good dribblers, good shots, and strong. They didn’t limit my attacking options. There were headers both scored that I said “thank the lord I didn’t go with Dybala.” Pace still works in the right spot, so pacey strikers aren’t bad. I just think you’re limiting creativity in the attack if you don’t have a strong striker that can head the ball.

Take back the slower (80ish pace) winger: Ivan Perisic was a guy I picked up for 850 FIFA 16 coins. Boy, was I glad about that. Perisic isn’t fast by any means. Most fullbacks he came up against were faster and there’s plenty of CB’s that are faster. However, I found myself loving Ivan. The 80 shot made a big difference. For every shot off the post Salah hit, Perisic banged one home. Don’t be scared to field a slower winger with strong qualities elsewhere.

Don’t be afraid of slower CB’s: CB is a position I also say you don’t need an absolute speed demon at. A lot of FUT players would look for 73+ pace. This year, I think you can get away with 60 pace easily. I haven’t tried under, but trust me when I say Kamil Glik is class for the price.

And that’s it. A lot longer than I had thought, but I wanted to give you guys as much help as I could at this stage. If you’ve made it to this point, thanks for reading.

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