How to Fight Warlocks in Blade & Soul

Some players say they have no clue how to fight warlocks. It seems that Warlocks have a few ways to get you out of stealth. To be honest, it is diffcult to win Warlocks.(Maybe bns gold can help you a lot) But I want to give you some suggestions. I wish this will help you a lot.

Play more with warlock then, realisticly, if you drop a game vs assassin, you don’t really know your class or the assassin outskills you by a lot and i mean A LOT. If you’re playing at your skill ranking, you will only drop games vs FM constantly, but anything else means you messed up.
I’ve noticed you can just play it like summoner. All the same points pve build etc except you don’t need 2 in tab. and you need stun penetration although I only use it to interrupt summons and casts then get restealth and continue to pve. You can kill the pet in 6 seconds if you don’t get knocked out.

Opener- If you sprint RMB to get into stealth continue to do that but good ones will stun you off the bat. If they do that in first round just Bomb flower throw your 4 and swap.

Mid Game- This is where the warlock has pet out and all their CD’s up he’s gonna wanna root and burst you. Make sure you have flower up for the roots and try to get a re. If he doesn’t have sanctuary up you can pve him, if he stands on top of the pet or has sanctuary up just burst the pet down as hard as you can.

Your biggest burst opportunity is after pets dead or despawned where you wanna pve the lock and Q his blue long range thingy. Not Sure what it’s called it’s a bunch of cards over his head easy to time a Q.

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