How to play as an Engineer in WildStar

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The Engineer is a very fun character class to play in WildStar Online. The class is very flexible and can focus on either a DPS or a tank role, while also controlling various bots. The bots are likewise very flexible and can provide healing, tanking, DPS, and crowd control. Variety is the spice of life for an Engineer!


The key attributes for the Engineer class are Grit, Tech, Brutality, Insight, Moxie, and Finesse. Focus on increasing these attributes to create a truly devastating character.

The Engineer has two modes: Provocation and Eradication. Provocation is the tank mode and significantly increases your threat level. Eradication is the DPS mode and greatly increases the damage you deal, along with lowering your resistances.

As you play and use your various abilities, such as Pulse Blast, you will build up your Volatility. You begin each game with zero Volatility and can build it up to a maximum of 100. You can spend your Volatility to unleash powerful attacks, such as Electrocute. You will greatly increase your character’s effectiveness as you learn the best time and situation to spend your Volatility. Volatility will slowly decrease when you are not in combat.

Engineers also have access to the Exo-Suit. The effect you get when equipping the Exo-Suit will vary based on whether you are in Provocation mode or Eradication mode. In Provocation mode, the Exo-Suit will make you much more resistant to damage. In Eradication mode, the Exo-Suit will make your DPS go through the roof and you will find yourself mowing down enemies with ease. Beware though! You can only equip the Exo-Suit for 20 seconds and then you must wait for a long 2 minute cool-down period to relapse. Learn the best situations to use it in!

The last part of Engineer gameplay to focus on is the use of bots. You have access to several but can only have two on the battlefield at one time. You are in control of their special abilities! Learn when best to use them to become and even more effective Engineer. Also, be careful, if a bot is killed on the field of battle, you will trigger it’s cool-down and will be much less effective in battle for that duration.

As you can see, Engineers are a complex and flexible class to play in WildStar Online. I find them to be very fun and satisfying. Have fun on the battlefield!