How to save ffxiv gil while leveling with armoury bonus

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The multi-class system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is not without fault. Aside from the large cheap FFXIV Gil needed to gear up for all your classes, leveling them up is an issue. Thankfully, Square Enix thought of this and added a game mechanic to help players. Check below for more.

While having freshly unlocked classes start at level 1 is to be expected, the fact that you cannot repeat certain completed quests is problematic. Especially if you consider how many classes you can have on a single character on a FFXIV account. The amount of FFXIV Gil you’ll need will be immense if getting experience was the same as those in other games. This is addressed however thanks to the Armoury Bonus that boosts experience received by your other classes.

As soon as you unlock your second class, you will be informed of the Armoury Bonus. No need to use FFXIV items or pay FFXIV Gil as this feature is free for all characters. The bonus works by giving a percentage bonus to your experience based on how far the new class is to your highest level class. The bigger the gap then the higher the experience point bonus you’ll get. Now you’ll get your classes leveled up faster. Have fun!