How you unlock perks and guild bank tabs in wildstar

The guild influence is how you unlock perks and guild bank tabs. This is earned only by playing together with other guild members doing pretty much anything in the game. You will get a few influence points for everything you do. It does add up pretty quick, but that’s due to influence needed to not only unlock perks and tabs, but to also activate certain perks. Next to the Guild Influence you will find how much cash is available in the guild stores. For now, I do not have the 5% tax turned on so that members can keep as much as possible for mount purchases early in the game. Once the majority of people gain higher levels we will be turning it on to help fund guild events.

Guild Bank Money

In World of Warcraft there is a guild perk that allows for money to be generated and put into the guild bank as well. The difference here is that Wildstar’s tax is a real tax and the money is not generated on top of what would have dropped. For example, if you kill a creature in WoW, it drops 10 silver. The guild perk generates an additional ½ silver for the guild bank, as an example. You still get your 10 silver and the guild bank gets it’s money. In Wildstar, if you kill a creature and it drops 10 silver, you get 5% of that taken and added to the guild bank, leaving you with 9.5 silver instead for example.

Money Transaction is simply where you deposit cash into your guild bank. Pretty cut and dry there.

24 Hour Withdrawal Limit is also pretty simple. Your guild leader and/or officers can set how much cash you can remove from the guild bank. Different ranks allow for different permissions set. I currently have it set to all simply because I haven’t changed it. My guild officers and members can each have different amounts depending on what I set them at. You will see this permission in the guild bank permissions section below.