Mu Legend: 5 Different Classes That Match Different Game Styles

Mu Legend, in the test phase of the Action RPG the strong focus on hack and slay elements is shown. The class selection shows 5 different classes that match different game styles. Like Mu Online, the successor does not have a class specializing only in healing.

Mu Legend

You start the game with the usual character creation. You have the choice between Dark Lord (Tank), Blader (Melee DPS), War Mage (Wizard), Whisperer (Archer) and Emphasizer (Crowd Control). You can see the different aspects of the game in Mu Legend, including the game’s look and feel like “any other action RPG”, which is not necessarily negative.

In the quest the old scheme take a quest, kill something, take a new quest, kill even more. All in all, Mu Legend as a beautifully revamped RPG-MMO action, but the first impression is somewhat generic. At U4GM, it provide the newest and hottest Mu Legend news, tips, video, guides as well as comment from some seasoned gamers, reference to here.

What’s more, the fighting system of Mu Legend is not as fluid as in Diablo. In Mu Legend, including huge maps and lots of content. In dungeons, there is then the converted equipment, which is otherwise only in the city by Crafting gets. During the Overdrive, the 10 dungeon restriction is canceled and you can go to any number of dungeons per day.