POE 3.3 Matauder Chieftain Melee Builds With The Latest and Detailed

POE 3.3 Builds For Molten Strike All content By Fjtheknight

This build is a very strong build for pretty much all of game content and excels at killing bosses. It has a quite cheap introductory cost, only really requiring the Nebuloch mace and Wildfire jewels, and can scale very well with the more gear investments that you make, offensively as well as defensively.


This build can do almost all map mods separately, however, some combinations are not doable :
– Maps without life or mana regen are doable because we have a leech and a good amount of fire mitigation. However, combined with -max resistances or “cannot leech” mods, you should probably skip the map (test with your current gear) (if you use Loreweave, – max res maps won’t affexct you, you can do them with no problems)
– Maps with -max resistances are doable even without purity of fire (use Loreweave with 80% max res)
– Maps with elemental reflect :
You can skip these maps. You can also adjust your Pantheon, use Rise of the Phoenix, a rare scepter with fire and burning damage, a 5 or 6l chest, purity of fire and run Righteous Fire for the trolls 😀 You can use Life Gain on Hit with MS instead of Elemental damage with attacks and deactivate Flammability.
– Maps with curses: just use a flask with “of Warding” suffix.

3.3 Changes:
– Try to get an attack speed corruption on your main hand weapon, and a chance to gain Onslaught on the kill on your off hand
– Belts no more get +1 endurance charge. You can get it now on boots. So if you have enough regen without the boot enchant, get Kaom’s roots with +1 EC.
– Endurance charge on melee stun support received a buff (+4% more damage per EC instead of 3%). It could be better than Physical projectile attack damage support, so do some testing on PoB and decide which is best for your current setup.
– Cold snap now consumes frenzy charges instead of power charges. So using Ralakesh’s impatience could be now faster than Brinerot+Voll’s devotion in generating endurance charges for big fights.

+ Very strong boss and single target killer
+ Very tanky
+ Low entry cost
+ Good clear speed
+ All content has done

– Can’t do maps with no leech and no regen combined.

Leveling Guide:
– Resolute technique: This Keystone provides us with a 100% hit chance at the cost of no crit. This is very good for this build because the crit base of Nebuloch is low and we cannot scale its crit damage easily. Also, we can ignore accuracy on gear and tree because of the 100% hit chance
– Iron Grip: The bonus of melee physical strength will apply to molten projectiles projectiles
Point Blank gives up to 50% more multiplier to molten strike projectiles when used with Concentrated Effect.

Defensively, we mainly are looking to get as much life and life regen as possible. This will provide us with a good EHP pool AND increase our resistance to Nebuloch degen when hit. For example, if we have 10% regen on the tree, if our HP is 5000, we will regen 500 HP per second. If our HP is 10000, we will regen 1000 HP per second without investing more in HP regen. This is very effective against Nebuloch degen as it does only scale by fire damage taken.

Offensively, we should pick Resolute Technique as quick as possible, then we pick up some mace nodes, but we mostly focus on scaling our attack speed, projectile damage and fire damage to best benefit our molten projectiles. We also get 4 jewel sockets for more life and other useful stats.
For Bandits, we will be killing all of them for the extra 2 Skill Points.

You will want to get the two Wildfire jewels socketed as soon as possible to make Molten Strike feel good while leveling. These are socketed in the jewel sockets to the left and top of the Marauder start.
Do not dual wield Nebuloch until you are confident you can regenerate enough life (see in-depth analysis section later)

Molten strike: as it converts 50% of our physical damage to fire damage, thus providing us with a full physical to fire conversion (no need for the avatar of fire or Xoph’s blood)
Nebuloch: as it provides a source of endurance charge generation as well as life regeneration based on the number of our endurance charges, thus Countering the degen caused by Nebuloch
Fire damage themed build: the chieftain has many fire damage boosts, like covering enemies in ashes, increasing fire damage per endurance charge and gaining a percentage of physical damage as extra fire damage. It also provides fire resistance and life leech from fire damage

– Soul of Arakali – To increase our Life Recovery Rate (upgrade all)
– Soul of Tukohama – For when sitting stationary against Guardians or Shaper (upgrade for life regen)
– Soul of Shakari- For chaos damage reduction (upgrade for poison immunity)

Pob Link: https://pastebin.com/yE0Hqr6k
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y7e9f5s5
Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2110129

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