POE 3.3 The Lastest and Detailed Duelist Gladiator Minions Builds

Lots of situations have to be met to attain maximum DPS, but none of them are unrealistic. You mostly just must hit monsters along with your lightning balls, then cast Vaal capabilities for bosses

3 Ice golems carrying out 3 – four mill DPS
Vaal Summon Skellies for bossing performing 600K DPS per melee skelly or
SRS for mapping doing 200K splash or 290K single target DPS


– Worthy foe means melee minions cannot miss – A huge DPS boost
– The worthy foe is a flat 20% damage multiplier for all minions
– Inspirational is 12% move speed and added damage for you personally and minions
– initially, to strike, last to fall is flat 10% harm multiplier for all mini

– Our minions get buffed by generosity hatred/haste
– Enemies may be cursed by CWDT setup (elemental weakness, frostbite if you like to chill. Vulnerability should you like bleed. Enfeeble or temporal chains in case you like staying alive)
– Grip from the council for additional cold harm
– Flesh supplying for minion speed
– Vaal haste for bosses
– Vaal lightning trap for applying the shock to bosses, and for bosses to take improved harm from ground effect

Gem Setup
Vaal Summon Skeleton (in physique) > Minion Damage > Melee Physical Damage > Maim > Ruthless > Hypothermia

Summon Raging Spirit (in body) > Minion Harm > Melee Physical Harm > Maim > Ruthless > Hypothermia

Summon Ice Golem (in helm) > Melee Physical Damage > Multistrike > Hypothermia

hatred, haste, generosity in weapon 1
ball lightning, higher a number of projectiles, blind, blood magic (in glove)
leap slam, Vaal haste, blood magic, flesh supplying (in boots)
Raise Spectre + Minion Life + blood magic + empower + Minion and totem resistances (in hungry loop)
Vaal Lightning trap (in weapon two)
Cast when harm has taken + elemental weakness (in weapon two)

1 X Anima Stone
1 X Primordial May
1 X Primordial Eminence
1 X Primordial Harmony

The rest are ghastly eye jewels with life, minion speed, and minion damage if utilized a minion talent not too long ago.
Optional – Use from dust when you are mapping with skeletons instead of SRS

Whatever you need

Gloves – ‘of the grave’ is most effective.
Boots – ‘Life and mana regen soon after getting hit’ is my favorite, but any defensive choice is superior
Helmet – ‘Ice golems deal boost damage.’

Leveling Guide:
Your best bet is usually to use Vaal Summon skeletons to level with, and stack defenses.
Aim to get a Tabula Rasa, or some minion damage incursion weapons.
You may also go to get a Wyrmscale, Ahns heritage, 2X fragility combo. The rampage is good though you level your gems and get some life in the tree. You could put your ice golems or some zombies within the gloves until you get a sweet helm.
Conqueror – Worthy Foe – Inspirational – Very first to Strike, Last to fall

Bandits: Kill all

Pob Link: https://pastebin.com/Ff27N5aL
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y836vc4j