Seven Tips Make You Play like A GOD on FIFA 15


Fifa 15 is a game that has me continually frustrated by my lack of skill, while creating a feeling of control and satisfaction that no title before it has given us in terms of confidence with the ball. Alas, I find myself at a loss in a number of matches, therefore a desperate searching of tips was essential to my improving against co-workers and the computer within FIFA 15.

Allow me to introduce to you, more than likely, the most skilled player of FIFA in the world, a man who has some tremendous knowledge to share with fans of the game. Want to dominate the ball, defend your box and shoot like a pro? Then here are the tips you need!

Fifa 15

Mix it up

Do not let your game be predictable otherwise it is too easy for your opponent to defend your attacks. Play through the middle, play over the wings, centre more often or shoot from a distance. A combination of these elements works extremely well, but be prepared to adapt and to totally transform the way you are playing half way through a match to confuse your opponent.

Fifa 15

Stay focused

No matter how good you play you will concede (ridiculous) goals. You have to stay focused after that, otherwise your play will deteriorate and you will concede even more. This is the exact same situation for real matches. A team that loses heart in their abilities will continue to decline in terms of performance. Remember to focus on the task at hand, regardless of how many goals you may be behind.

Keep possession

It is important to keep possession, especially for beginners. Defending can be very hard, so you don’t want to have to do that too often. Play certain passes and provoke your opponent to make a mistake in his defence. I for one agree that defending is my weakest point. Hold onto that ball, keep passing and inching towards the goal, or move out on the outside and let your team follow up the middle. Stay on the ball, you never want to play a defensive game.

Fifa 15

Be attentive

You always have to keep an eye on your defensive line. If a striker tries to make a run through your defence you have to cover him as fast as you can. Fast players with good dribbling skills can be very dangerous in this way. Always be focusing on more than one aspect of your playing. Keep an eye on the position of your other team mates and be sure to adapt to how the computer moves them.

Use skills

Of course it is not easy to use skills, but it can be very effective if you use them in the right situations. Especially oversteps and ball roll can be effective. Also, they look really slick. But this always comes down to being unpredictable and using skills is a great way to confuse your opponent, even in the sense that the move looked awesome.

Fifa 15

Shoot and Aim

It is better to play a little bit slower to maximise your chance to score. 17-22 meters from the goal is the best spot. Any other distance is too risky. Every save from the goalkeeper costs a lot of time, and when you get a corner almost every player on the opponent team is in the box and so it will be much harder to score. Keeping your distance is key. Practice and practice in the skill training section of the game at finding the exact moment to let go of the shoot button at a certain distance. These skill test mini games are praised and very effective in FIFA 15!

Fifa 15

Choose the right opponent

It doesn’t have to be the weakest team in the game. It is very important that the strikers of your opponent play a pass back to their teammate outside of the centre circle almost after every kick off, so you have enough time to get the ball. Otherwise they start to keep the ball and you have to tackle them. That costs more time and sometimes your opponent gets a free kick.

Of course this in relation to the computer, but of course, if you don’t want to get frustrated, don’t play against someone that is far superior to you with a controller in hand. Hadler’s main tips come in the form of time wasting. Do not allow these opportunities to take place, maintain where the ball goes and stay on top of it, just keep up that possession.

Have any tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!