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ESO Plus Bonus

The Elder Scrolls Online – Try ESO Plus

Zenimax announced that anyone can enjoy the service of The Elder Scrolls Online from 5 July to 5 days. ESO Plus members receive all DLC and many other ingame content.

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Even though you have to pay for The Elder Scrolls Online once and for once there is no monthly fee, you can still subscribe to MMO at $ 15 / month. ESO Plus members receive a range of free stuff this week, and anyone can try the service for five days.

On July 5 to 10, the non-Plus members can also benefit from the subscription benefits. They can access all of the DLCs released so far (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Shadows of the Hist – the recently released Morrowind auxiliary exception), unlimited storage of raw materials for crafts, 10 percent more gold and XP for them Some extra space to set Furnishings and Collectibles for their own house, or dye their costumes. Furthermore, if you are a subscriber, you will receive 1500 Crowns per month.

Of course, if you already have ESO Plus during the promotion period, you will get rich with a Dwarven Crown Crate every day – just log in to the game.

You will read the latest news of Morrowind from the our ESO news and guides page soon.