The Character creation in WildStar

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Character creation in Wildstar is rather simple, because you don’t choose any skills and don’t distribute any points.


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Choose of nationality and race
After clicking on “Create a New Character” you will be transferred to the window of creation. First of all, you have to decide what nations you want to play. You can choose between:
Exile – who are rebellions and want to create their new home at Nexus.
Dominion – they rule over half of a galaxy and are technologically advanced.

It’s even more important, because you choose the side for once and all. Of course, Exile characters begin the game in one place and Dominion ones in the other one.Then you choose a race. Races don’t give you any bonuses to statistics or skills, but each of them has inscribed several classes from which you can choose. Each fraction has four playable races, which differ mostly visually.

Races and range of classes are presented below:
Human – Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker
Aurin – Esper, Spellslinger, Stalker
Granok – Medic, Warrior, Engineer
Mordesh – Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker

Cassian – Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker
Chua – Esper, Medic, Spellslinger, Engineer
Mechari – Medic, Warrior, Engineer, Stalker
Draken – Spellslinger, Warrior, Stalker

Choose of a class and path
After choosing race you will choose the class. Depending on the choice of race, you have a limited range of classes. It means that you can’t be an Aurin warrior because publishers blocked this class (human can take all classes).

But publishers make it in a way so each character can play one of two functions. Everyone can be DPS, which means dealing huge amount of damage. Three classes may be tank and three are for healers.Possible tanks:1.Warrior 2.Engineer 3.Stalker;Possible healers:1.Medic 2.Spellslinger 3.Esper

Another window is a choice of your character’s Path. You have four possibilities (more information in the chapter “Paths”):1)Soldier 2)Settler 3)Scientist 4)Explorer


The last step is to choose how you character looks like. In most of options you can choose one of available options of ears, skin color and hairs. After that you can finally click “Accept”, name your hero and enter the world of the game.