The Skill Points with Blade & Soul New Class Warlock

You will have 31 skill points when you hit level 45 in Blade and Soul. Although the skill points are far from enough if you play as a warlock, they are actually pretty sufficient to meet the general needs.

Shortcut [RB]. There are two choices, depending on whether you play dungeon or play solo. If you play solo, you should choose Tier 4 Form 1, dungeon Tier 4 Form 2.

Passive skills increase the defense capability of the summoned beast. The increase of one skill point can increase the warlock’s ability to cheap Blade & Soul Gold heal and viability. Two skill points are enough.

Shortcut [LB]. It is warlocks’ ability to restore internal force, which is like Blade Masters’ Cyclone skill. It is easy to be triggered. If you don’t want to use normal attacks to restore, this skill is very useful.

Soul Shackle
Shortcut [2]. Tier 3 Form 1 can snare the enemy for a longer time. If you play as a Warlock, you want reset CD like a Summoner. Three skill points can be used to better control the monster.

Shortcut [4]. With Tier 2 Form 1, use Bombardment to the target within 4 seconds, which result a lack of the internal force. With the help of Mantra, there will be more power DPS.

Tether Blade
Shortcut [X]. When it comes to PvE, only one skill point with brands effect is enough. For PvP, you need to choose Tier 3 Form 3 with dizziness. Of course, if there is dual control, you can choose Tier 3 Form 3 or Tier 3 Form 1.

Shortcut [3]. With four skill points, the damage of Imprison will be improved, and eventually prompt Dragoncall or Wingstorm when attack the target.

Shortcut [SS] It can be used to reset the cooldown time of Dragoncall.

Shortcut [F]. It’s used for good damage output, can prompt Bombardment when hits the target, and reduce the cooldown of Dragoncall by 3 seconds. It is one of the Warlock’s major output skills.

Protection Charm
Shortcut [Z]. User is resistant to damage, status effects Blade & Soul Gold from up to 5 attacks for 5 seconds. It is a essential life saving skill.

Second Wind
Shortcuts [2]. It is a universal solution for the Warlock. It is helpful when you play dungeons to use one skill point to get rid of dizziness.

Shortcut [F]. When in front of the target branded opponent, you can use Leech to enhance the Warlock’s outbreak. Tier 3 Form 1 can increase crit damage by 20%. But now the talent points are not enough, so this skill is not recommended until you are very familiar with the gameplay of the Warlock.

Shortcut [F] TAB. Familiar self-destructs bring gorgeous visuals and powerful group output. Refreshes all cooldowns on Soulburn

User and party members gain 100% Focus
Increases Critical Hit Damage by 50% while Soulburned
Increases Movement Speed by 20% while Soulburned
Familiar disappears regardless of summon duration

The Warlock’s overall output replies on Dragoncall, Bombardment and Rupture. All other skills are used to prompt these three skills or reduce the CD of them. Therefore, if you play as a Warlock, you need to always pay attention to the CD of skills and consider the order of release. The requirements on the output are actually rather high.

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