The WildStar basic PVP guides:CC’S




WildStar is not nearly as CC intensive as WoW or some other popular MMO’s have been in the past
(you wont be on a 25 second CC chain…but that does not make them useless… in a sense it
makes using them correctly more important.) Timing is everything.

Knowing when the right time to use a CC can depend on a few factors:
1. The classes you are facing and the abilities they have on CD
(With the limited action set you will not be certain of what abilities a player has or doesn’t
have, however there are staples that each class will use in PvP, outside of that be observant of
what they are doing and know how to counter it)

2. The health of their team members
(As simple as setting up kills, When applying pressure to the other team you manage to get a
player to 15% health. Now is the time to throw a CC on their healer and or other party members
to avoid interference from his certain death.)

3. The health of your team members
(Know when to play defensive, live to fight another day. In relation to the previous example if
you or your teammates are near death now is the time to CC and peel players off.)

4. When you can get the most bang for you buck
(Sometimes teams put themselves in bad positions, in a game that is more about position than
most of the common MMO’s, take advantage of their stupidity of grouping up and get a full team
stun and commence AOE damage.)

5. In cases when players over extend their healers or remove themselves from LOS.
(Sometimes an over aggressive player may chase you or a teammate out of his healers range or
behind a pillar… Keeping players out of range or sight of healers is a good time to lock them
into place)

How to break out of CC’s (Breakout Gameplay)
Stun – Spam your F key until you gain control of your character
Knockdowns – Using a Dash charge in any direction will bring you back to your feet
Subdue(Disarm) – Run to your weapon and the ground and your character will automatic pick it up
and you will be able to cast again
Roots, Blind, Pulls, Knockbacks and Snares – Do not have an active breakout mechanics(depending
on your class, LAS and ability tiering certain abilities do allow a character to break free from
these CC’s)

Interrupt Armor
Interrupt armor is a mechanic that works as a shield from CCs. Different classes have a variety
of abilities that can grant a character(s) interrupt armor. Different CCs can break multiple
interrupt armor depending on ability tiering or the ability itself.

Knowing which CC’s to use.
When deciding which CCs to use you should factor in what it takes to get out of the CC. None of
them are overly difficult to break free of, but some are certainly more affective than
others.Subdue depend on how quick a player spots and gets to his weapon. If the weapon is
tossed to a good location i feel this can be the most powerful single CC. Typically taking 1.5
-3 seconds before casting again.

Using them in succession.
One of the forms of CC not yet mentioned is root. Roots do not have an active way of breaking
free.. however many classes have ways of escaping. If the player has an ability tiered or use a
certain ability on their LAS. Roots alone also do not prevent a player from continuing healing
or doing DPS… When rooting a player use his inability to move to your advantage…