Wanted Features For FIFA 16 PC

* Mutual Quit Removal:
Remove the mutual quit feature so that we always lose 3 points when we’re matched with a lagger, instead of 9 times out of 10 in Fifa 15 as they may agree to quit sometimes.

* New seasons mode:
Change the name “Division 1” to “wizard’s Division” as most games are unplayable in this div. thanks to lag and/or bad hardware and even unpunished cheating (frozen games or people rage quitting with Fut16coin mobille).
One free season point per game when your computer doesn’t match the requirements for this game because your opponent and EA are guilty for you being poor/not caring about hardware.
One free season point per game if you got bad internet.

* New Partnership with Real Madrid:
Every game you play with Real Madrid in seasons mode grants you one free point.

*No lobbies:
We don’t want to play friendly people with good ping/hardware and enjoy lag free games. Wasting time with unplayable unskilled rookies in Div. 1 seasons is way better.


*New real player emotion feature:
Instead of focusing on the players’ emotions during the game, take care of the guy holding the controller and allow the players to let the replays 7 times for each goal because we love camera angles and wasting our time and want our opponent to throw his controller out the window.

*New offline skill moves:
New set of skill moves you won’t be able to use online due to the new matchmaking system that matches you with at fut16coin.com.

*CD Project Red partnership:
Allow players to equip mutagens during the games so that they don’t get tired after 90 minutes of sprinting or allow small players to jump higher than players 4 feet taller than them.

* Magical passes:
Use the shaolin style for blistering blind back passes.
Cross the pitch with one lob pass.

*Season teleport feature:
Teleport players from Div. 10 to Div. 1if all they can do is attacking using overpowered Y and LB+Y aimless passes all game long as they’re so skilled.

*Seasons gifts:
One free modded wireless Xbox One controller with no right stick for the Wizard’s Div. winners.
Free Track’N’Field DLC for the best Runaldo and Noobameyang abusers.

*Master of time and space:
Cheat Engine installed by default with the game.