What about Destroyer in future PvE content?

I’m one of the few non-bot destroyer players. I mainly do PvE and I would like to know how good this class is going to be in the future. Should I
-Team Play
From the videos of lv50 dungeons I’ve watched, most bosses seem to have signaficently less cc-vulnerable frames and controlling them require at least 4 cc of the same type instead of 2. Doesn’t this make destroyer’s cc abundance and short-cd grab less useful?
How good is destroyer’s DPS compare to other classes? I’m also a bit concerned about our hongmoon skills, specifically LMB,RMB and Wrath since these are the main source of DPS.
LMB: T5S1 is only useful for PvP. T5S2 only increases damage by a small amount.
Wrath: No hongmoon skills avaliable? doesn’t make too much sense to be since this is our highest damage ability
RMB:I wouldn’t consider using T5S1 nor T5S4. T5S2:penetrates defense. Not sure how good this is considering we only need 10% piercing for most bosses right now. T5S3:DoT and recovers 15 focus each second for 8 secodns. What’t the point of this skill?
Animation-cancel barely cost any focus if doing correctly. By a way, if you want to buy bns gold, welcome to our site.

Answer: honestly, just check some vids from praetor19. He plays kr for a few years now and mains destroyer, his twinks include WL and FM, forgot if there was another one.
He won’t answer you dps questions if you ask him in the stream, but you can get an idea of destroyer gameplay in the lv50 content.
I’ll try to answer you from what I’ve gathered, though it probably won’t be a complete answer.
It kind of boils down to not really being the greatest class at anything outside of things some would consider being rather minor stuff. You won’t have the most dps and BMs and KFMs still will excel at tanking. But that’s not really what you should be aiming for either way – Destroyer has his own very unique utility for the party. Mostly the grab and reducing Chi regen are what’s great – and you might think that you don’t need this stuff if no one in the party screws up anything, but people will screw up here and there. Outside of that, you’ll do plenty of dps and if someone else tanks, Destroyer is a good dps addition. When tanking, you don’t lose out on dps much in order to tank, so you can also fill the tank role and still have plenty dps.
Those are the skills praetor19 uses on kr, so it should be a good guideline.
The only class that kind of suffers in PvE in korea is LBD, as Destroyer just does everything better, with kind of the same dps. In the end, it doesn’t matter too much because the PvE content never gets so hard that you have to have a perfect party composition with perfect gear. Mediocre gear, decent party setup and people knowing the dungeon’s mechanics will always roll through the PvE content with little problems.

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