Wildstar Class Overview and Highlight Introduction-Engineer

The Engineer is one of the toughest classes in Wildstar due to its heavy armor and damage ability. The Engineer has the ability to send out bots that will do a lot of damage and also use its massive launcher to do some real damage. The Exo Suit is also available to the Engineer that will provide the armor needed get close in on the action during battle. If you like to play as a Tank, the Engineer might be the class you will want to choose. The Tank is also a capable DPS character that allows both ranged and melee abilities.

  • Engineer Gear: Launcher, Bots, Exo Suit
  • Races: Human, Granok, Mordesh, Cassian, Mechari, Chua
  • DPS Role: Primary Finesse stat , Secondary Moxie and Brutality Stats
  • Tank Role: Primary Technology stat, Secondary Insight and Grit Stats