Wildstar Class Overview and Highlight Introduction-Esper

The Esper class can assume the role of a healer or DPS in Wildstar. This makes it an ideal choice for player who like to support their team, but still like to get into the thick of battle when needed. One of the fun parts about being the Esper is the ability to use the Psyblade and use illusion types skills to deal out damage to opponents. The one downfall of this class is highly susceptible to damage from others due to its light armor.

  • Esper Gear: Psy-Blade, Benevolent Illusions, Terrifying Nightmares
  • Races: Human, Aurin, Cassian, Chua
  • DPS Role: Primary Moxie stat , Secondary Finesse and Brutality Stats
  • Healer Role: Primary Insight stat, Secondary Finesse and Brutality Stats