Wildstar Class Overview and Highlight Introduction-Medic

This Wildstar class can be a little difficult to play with at first, but once you get the hang of all its abilities it can be a lot of fun and very effective in battle. Even though it is a typically healing class, the Medic boasts a devastating Resonator weapon that not only heals teammates but can rip opponents to pieces. The Medic’s medium armor, healing abilities, and weaponary make it a very flexible class if used correctly.

  • Medic Gear: Resonator, Fields, Probes
  • Races: Human, Granok, Mordesh, Cassian, Mechari, Chua
  • DPS Role: Primary Technology Stat , Secondary Moxie and Brutality Stats
  • Healer Role: Primary Insight stat, Secondary Moxie and Brutality Stats