Wildstar Class Overview and Highlight Introduction-Spellslinger

The second class in this Wildstar Classes Overview and Highlight Introduction is the Spellslinger, which is one the most fun classes in Wildstar because of its unique evasive abilities. This Wildstar class can be played as either a DPS or a healer. They are most effective as a ranged DPS that uses some impressive Dual Pistols to inflict damage on opponents. Although the Spellslinger class is lightly armored, they can still be quite effective once you figure out how to use their mobility to get around the battlefield.

  • Spellslinger Gear: Mag Pistols, Acrobatics, Magic Sigils
  • Races: Human, Aurin, Mordesh, Cassian, Draken, Chua
  • DPS Role: Primary Finesse stat , Secondary Moxie and Brutality Stats
  • Healer Role: Primary Insight stat, Secondary Moxie and Brutality Stats