Wildstar Tradeskill guide-Tailor

Tailors fashion light armor out of cloth gathered from enemy humanoids. This tradeskill pairs well with any gathering profession.Tailor is a tradeskill in WildStar which can be learned as soon as the character reaches lvl 10. Tailors generally create light armor, which can be used by all classes and is the main armor of Spellslingers and Espers.

The tailor uses cloth collected from humanoids to craft light armor. Microchips direct the flow of Eldan energies to enhance the armor. This tradeskill has no preferred pairing. Tailoring is a circuit-based crafting system. It uses power cores, cloth, elemental signs, and thread to make armor. Tailoring uses Relic Hunting materials in a limited fashion when making bags.
Tailor-crafted gear may provide certain bonuses that are currently not available outside the tailor-tree (though are likely available in higher areas). E.g. Darkspur Darkboots provide 7% increased dash speed and a 4% movement speed buff for 4 seconds after dashing. Most Tailor-crafted gear at Novice, Apprentice, and Journeyman Levels are of Green quality.wildstar tailor materials