Wildstar’s First Major Update – Sneak Peak

A teaser page on Wildstar’s website gives us an early look at what’s coming next to the new MMO and a fairly extensive reveal schedule. The teaser page is titled “strain” and the pictures definitely imply some science has gone very, very wrong. “Something is waiting. Something… Beyond Science” is the only other clue we have right now. I’m inclined to blame the Chua.

Wildstar Sneak

We’ll be getting another one of Carbine’s famous Wildstar flicks tomorrow on the 18th which will hopefully be full of details. On the 24th, we’ll find out something about Blighthaven and Norther Wastes, perhaps some kind of event to tease the patch? On the 26th we can expect info on housing and customization. On the 30th Carbine will round things off with a devspeak and then on “patch day”, whenever that is, we’ll of course get the full patch notes.

If you’d like to guess at the date of the patch, just take a look at your remaining subscription time. I expect the update to hit very close to that, to encourage people to resubscribe after the first month. What are you hoping for?