Worth the upgrade to FIFA 15?

Worth the upgrade to FIFA 15?Just wondering if it’s worth upgrading to FIFA15 from 14? Have there been any useful gameplay changes? Are the ‘sweaty’ goals and kickoff glitches still there? Here are some views of the player.


PM_THAT_NICE_FACE:Dont buy it, they just launched a patch that its officially fifa 14 again, its fucking horrible.

justlur:I actually prefer the game post patch. it’s nothing like fifa 14 (when the servers are working and my players function). i just had a game where someone lobbed through ball the whole game and i won comfortably 1-0 with nearly two thirds of possession. in 14 that would have been a loss… although i did convert my only attempted header of the game which was a bit odd. headers are generally nerfed A LOT though.

so all in all: lobbed through balls aren’t as effective, headers aren’t so effective all the time and they’ve recently nerfed pace and dribbling in the last patch so the gameplay is very much ideal at the moment (although i’ve only played a season or two since the patch). it finally feels like a proper football game.

CleanShirt27:It was good but apparently there’s been a patch that’s turned it into 14, which was one of the worst sports games I’ve played. Can’t really comment though cos I’ve not played since the patch. Pre-patch it was a lot of fun.

dihsho:What mode do you play the most, and how often do you play? I think it’s worth it if you mainly play career mode. Money wise, I think video games are pretty much the best investment when it comes to entertainment for value.

stubbedoptimistic:With the new patch its pretty much the same game, with slightly more erratic passing. But thats just my opinion.